BOMB Magazine reviews Badlands Unlimited’s New Lovers Series (and How to Train Your Virgin)

BOMB Magazine’s Monica de la Torre writes of the erotic novella, How to Train Your Virgin, written by Wednesday Black (IRL Leia Menlove):

… the first title, Wednesday Black’s How To Train Your Virgin, a fabulist novella about the shape-shifting king and queen of an otherworldly realm. They swing both ways and can interact with humans through their dreams. They have intercourse with creatures, including centaurs and mermaids, yet what propels the plot is an age-old cliché—the king’s lust for a couple of virgins, a girl and a boy, and the queen’s shattering sense of self-worth: “I choke my bitterness down. Why has my husband tired of me?” The account of the queen’s mission to deflower the virgins before her roving husband gets to them is interspersed with clever addresses to the reader that include ruminations on reverse psychology, the proper décor for seduction, and hipsters’ detachment.

For the entire, awesome article on The New Lovers Series, click HERE.



Thanks for the interview, Krysten Korvette of You’re delicious and you know I love the site. It’s rare to get an interviewer who is so informed. Your insights and questions about How to Train Your Virgin were a pleasure to answer. Hey subscribers! The SLUTIST is an fucking awesome source for fresh news and insights into the feminist world, which is, don’t you know, coming to get you. I personally can’t wait.


So… the Queen of the Realm (How to Train Your Virgin) is FINALLY taking your sex questions. She’s been kind of busy, but now she’s back. Actually she might take any questions at all. I don’t know. She’s hard to predict really. You could try subjects like: how to house train your minotaur or where to locate evil magic sex carousels (contrary to popular belief they are never located in subway tunnels.) You could ask her cosmetics questions. (Maybe not). In any event, it’s up to you.

Who knows what she’ll say. You might anger her and get blown out of existence. But it’s worth the risk. Word of warning: The Queen not so familiar with the ways of humans. Answers may cause mayhem. Email your thoughts to

I’ll forward them on and hope not to be destroyed by her vulvar ire.


Wednesday Black & Paul Chan on “Krystal Clear”@MSNBC

Thank you, Krystal Ball for having me and Paul Chan on your show to talk about the New Lovers erotica series. We had a blast, even if my face was twitching uncontrollably.

10433785_752646174851611_2932998613522648754_n oh. And there’s also this trailer for How To Train Y.our Virgin. LOL

The New York Times and Vogue Make Mention of How to Train Your Virgin this week!

It’s true. The hallowed New York Times blog has mentioned the proliferation of erotic literature (literotica as some call it), and mentioned Badlands Unlimited New Lovers series in particular. How to Train your Virgin is mentioned as “Smutty Books for Smart People.”  Read it here, then for goodness sake, or for badness, like my mean and powerful main character, The Queen, go buy it here!

Vogue interviewed game-changing artist, Paul Chan, in the March issue of Vogue. You can read the article here at Scribd or pick up Vogue’s latest issue! Who does’t like vogue? Just like: who doesn’t like virgins? It’s a no brainer.

Is this shameless self-promotion?

Yup. But this will be a space for erotic writing soon enough…

Hot novellas! Get your hot novellas! Only $1.99 on Amazon: How to Train Your Virgin

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It’s funny. It’s feminist. And it’s awfully gross. But you might get a baby rise out of it. Buy today.

Also, what do you think about the slut-shaming of erotica writers? I’m growing some theories on this topic!

Don’t forget we have a historic book launch on March 10, 2015, at the Guggenheim Museum.

Erotica Launches at The Bloody AWESOME Guggenheim Museum – March 10, 2015

Holy March 10, 2015!

How to Train Your Virgin, an erotic fantasy novella by me, Wednesday Black, is a part of the Badlands Unlimited New Lovers series.  Publisher Paul Chan is making history by holding the series launch at the at the Guggenheim Museum. Buy tickets now! Students may RSVP using the link for a free admission. Check it out and support writers of meaningful, awesome and just plain sexyyyyyyyyyyyyy erotica!