BOMB Magazine reviews Badlands Unlimited’s New Lovers Series (and How to Train Your Virgin)

BOMB Magazine’s Monica de la Torre writes of the erotic novella, How to Train Your Virgin, written by Wednesday Black (IRL Leia Menlove):

… the first title, Wednesday Black’s How To Train Your Virgin, a fabulist novella about the shape-shifting king and queen of an otherworldly realm. They swing both ways and can interact with humans through their dreams. They have intercourse with creatures, including centaurs and mermaids, yet what propels the plot is an age-old cliché—the king’s lust for a couple of virgins, a girl and a boy, and the queen’s shattering sense of self-worth: “I choke my bitterness down. Why has my husband tired of me?” The account of the queen’s mission to deflower the virgins before her roving husband gets to them is interspersed with clever addresses to the reader that include ruminations on reverse psychology, the proper décor for seduction, and hipsters’ detachment.

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